West Midlands Conveyancing, Property Solicitors Birmingham

Most people are aware that legal conveyancing professionals are able to offer vital assistance when it comes to buying or selling a property, but what is less well-known is the vast selection of additional services which a property lawyer in Birmingham can offer. Whether you’ve got a tricky property issue which needs specialist expertise or simply want to enjoy speedy, premium service from an award winning legal practice, take a look at what matters we can assist with and why a growing number of individuals in the West Midlands turn to us for the legal expertise they need.

Buying as a commercial venture

For people considering investing in property as a way of increasing their wealth, providing financial security or as an asset, we can offer specialist assistance on purchasing properties through auctions, buying to let and the acquisition of a property portfolio. We work with many clients on an on-going basis, providing a continual resource of experienced legal advice which helps our customers make the best decisions on their property acquisitions. Our legal team has the skills to deal with tricky issues as well as straightforward purchases, so you can be confident we can always provide the assistance you require.

Shared ownership, Right to Buy, Help to Buy

Whilst many people will go down the traditional route of obtaining a mortgage on their property or purchasing it outright, a significant proportion of home buyers acquire their property through an alternative route. Frequently the complexities of shared ownership or getting to grips with the Right to Buy regulations can be confusing, which is where we can help. Having undertaken successful conveyancing in Birmingham for a number of years, we are well aware of nearby housing association and public sector property initiatives and guidelines, so can advise appropriately based on our extensive, relevant local knowledge.

Planning permission, plot buying, construction law

Planning regulations and construction law can be a minefield for the unwary, whilst many people get caught out when they purchase a plot of land and subsequently are unable to obtain the planning permission they need to build the house of their dreams or undertake their preferred business activities. We offer accurate, sensible legal advice at every stage of planning proceedings, helping our clients navigate the tricky planning framework as well as advising on any potential problems which might arise. As property lawyers in Birmingham we are aware of issues which are specific to the West Midlands, putting us in a uniquely advantageous position to help clients located in the immediate vicinity.

Lease extensions, equity release, re-mortgages and transfer of equity

Because we are part of a larger legal firm, we are able to act authoritatively in areas where conveyancing law overlaps inheritance, probate or other legal specialities. We can also advise on the implications of re-mortgaging, what to be aware of if you’re planning to transfer equity and the implications of obtaining a lease extension. Our firm of property solicitors in Birmingham adopt a pro-active, enabling approach, helping our clients achieve their objectives whilst having due regard to the legal implications of their actions at all times.

Commercial acquisitions

Whether you are a charity, an incorporated company, a trust, or a partnership, when it comes to acquiring or disposing of a property then it’s imperative to get bespoke legal advice which is tailored to the needs of your organisation. The nature of your corporate structure, available monies, other assets and the way in which a property will be used can all impact on its viability as a commercial acquisition. Our impressive track record in dealing with a wide range of commercial ventures enables us to bring a large body of knowledge and experience to your undertaking.

When things go wrong

Boundary disputes, unpleasant surprises once a purchase has been finalised or a seemingly unreasonable decision on a planning matter may all require specialist legal intervention to resolve. We undertake a wide range of property litigation disputes and have the necessary in-house expertise to deal with matters where more than one type of legal knowledge is required.

We specialise in the provision of exemplary legal advice to both commercial and private property owners, offering them expertise on wide range of property matters. Our significant track record of successful representation coupled with our attention to customer service helps to explain why so many of our clients in Birmingham and the West Midlands use us repeatedly for their property matters.